Mobile LCD Display for Aqeri AB, Sweden

We manufacture a very robust 12-inch PC LCD display for mobile use for Aqeri AB in Sweden This display is built to work in all climate zones – from the damp rainforest to the cold climate of the northern hemisphere. A special feature of the display is that it does not interfere with the VHF/UHF LMR radios commonly used in these applications.


Industrial/Mobile PC IPVP

In cooperation with our Swedish partner, we have designed an extremely rugged Mini ATX PC for applications in harsh environments with extreme temperatures, vibration, impacts etc. The unique cooling technology enables the PC to be integrated into systems and mobile applications. The power consumption is very low, and it is specially adapted to work with 12/24V automotive power.


Liquid Jet X-Ray source for Excillum AB, Sweden

We have worked on behalf of Excillum AB together with our Swedish partner to design the electronics for the MetalJet microfocus X-ray source. We also produce and process a number of the mechanical parts in order to bring down production costs. For a more detailed description of the MetalJet technology, please visit